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Uniboards is pleased to announce the debut of our private workshops, which can be used in conjunction with a shared-space machine shop that is fully equipped! The place even has a breakout communal area. 

Our professional, full-service, pay-per-use workshops will be perfect for craftspeople, small businesses, and start-ups that want to spend less on costly machinery overhead (as well as the start-up costs associated with them). Private workshops used in conjunction with a shared-space machine shop lets individuals and smaller companies benefit from an evolving and creative environment. They will be able to form brand-new relationships and increase productivity.

Our workshops can be used on a monthly, weekly, and even daily basis. 

There is parking on-site, though you will be limited to one automobile per booking. Washrooms, seating areas, the Wi-Fi signal, and the communal kitchen can be used by registered members. There is storage on-site, which includes heavy-duty racks and the cost of storage space will be based on the size you need. Materials like MDF and ply sheets can be purchased by members on-site, if required.

All members must be individually insured for public liabilities. Safety inductions will be required for those looking to use shared machinery. Each member must go through this induction, as well as prove their competence and safety awareness before using the shared-space machine shop.

Members can access a well-equipped workshop, with daily prices starting at £45.00 for 15SQM bench space hire for 24 hours. It isn’t necessary to rent a work bench of your own, simply use one of our wood working benches and machinery for whatever your needs are.

Woodworking Machines Rent

All of our industrial machinery equipment is well-maintained and of high quality. They are held to high standards. You can have a workstation of your own that contains power, a bench, and shared machine access for a duration of your choosing, long or short-term.

Beam saw Holzma 350 43/43  - Fully automatic cutting machine that can cut up to 10 MDF 8'x4' sheets per hour with 0.1 mm accuracy. Rent: £40.00 + VAT per hour

Edgebander EBM SLK 117 - Edgebanding machine with 5 processing units which produce clean and tidy edging tape application. Can make up to 100 meters of edging per hour. Rent: £40.00 +VAT per hour.

Our members are comprised of professionals like furniture makers, artists, set designers and carpenters. As such, you’ll find yourself networking with like-minded experts while you work.

To schedule an assessment and training, you’ll first need to go through a couple of steps:

· Set up an account online to join.

· Schedule your free safety induction.

The Safety Induction: What Is It?

If you would like to be a member of our workshop, you will need to undergo a mandatory safety induction. You’ll be taught about fire safety, find out where things can be found, and learn about how Uniboards can be used safely and successfully.

What the Process Entails

· Open an account online - The email address you signed up with will need to be verified.

· Schedule a safety induction – You must attend a Uniboards safety induction before you can do anything else. During the session, you will be educated about the fundamentals of using Uniboards safely. Afterwards, you’ll have the ability to book machine assessments, training, and the actual workspace.

· Machine assessments - Safety assessments relevant to the machines you are interested in using we’ll need to be passed first. You can expect each assessment to last about a half-hour or so. When your machine assessments are taking place, a technician will:

· Ask about your experiences with a machine.

· Make recommendations on PPE and safe use.

· Show you how to use a machine, and what each control does.

· Inquire about the way you perform a certain task.

· Request that you demonstrate your capacity to safely operate a machine.

· Evaluate your competence.

· After you pass, you’ll have the ability to use machines whenever you reserve them. If you are not confident about using a machine you’re interested in, individual training can be arranged.

· Schedule the workspace – When the workspace is booked, it will be your working area exclusively. You’ll be able to leave materials and tools there, as well as your unfinished work. You’ll be able to come in and go out whenever you want for the duration you have scheduled the workspace for. Separately, machines can be scheduled either hourly, half-day of full-day. Prices for machines can be found in the booking section of the member’s area in addition to each machine’s website page.

· Schedule other resources – Fully equipped Paint Shop with Spray Booths and Automatic Spray Line, 4-Axis CNC Router, can be booked based on your needs. Don’t forget, before you can use any machine, you must pass the assessment associated with it.

· Individual training sessions – If you don’t know how to use a particular machine well, need a refresher, or are unable to pass your assessment for it, individual training can be provided by our skilled technicians.


We offer delivery services for all your purchases from our warehouse to your site to save you the hassle of transport and let you focus on your product.  


At Uniboards we move from an idea to an end product, what sets us apart from the rest is that we offer a specialized wholesome service where we cut the panels as per your specifications 


We offer edge banding service with all kinds of different edges


Our experienced team offers professional spray painting services. In most cases we apply strongest PU (Polyurethane) anti-scratch and water resistant paints on a variety of surfaces including MDF and veneered MDF etc.